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How Travel Reveals Your True Self

I’m currently sitting in an airport marveling at all of the people around me and what travel reveals about them, and of course, reflecting on what it reveals about myself. I get irritated and agitated when I’m super tired or hungry and have to watch what I say or do …

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Why Does Self-Love Matter?

Self-love is the start of most healing journeys. That moment when something shifts inside of you and you yearn for a different result than the one you’ve been getting.

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What Do I Do When the Doctors Find Nothing Wrong with Me?

I see a lot of end-of-the-road clients. They are in pain, and all of the doctors they have seen aren’t finding a medical reason for being sick. What does that mean?

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How to Show Up For Your Kids

Besides basic survival, our children need us to show up. What does that mean? Be spiritually and emotionally connected.

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One More Reason to Exercise

Most of us have different reasons for working out, like toning our bodies or keeping our hearts healthy, but how about the positive effects of exercise on our energy field? I always say that it is like scrubbing bubbles for your field. One of the best things you can do …

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What is an Energy Healer?

What is an energy healer? Good question. With the growth in this field, it’s a hard one to answer. Most people are familiar with reiki and acupuncture, but there are several other options: EFT, Healing Touch, Shamanic Healing, Theta Healing, Pranic Healing, Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, Core Energetics, Brennan Healing …

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How Do I Manifest My Dreams Into Reality?

Manifesting is a great word, don’t you think? But how on earth do you apply it to yourself? Personally, I was in a manifesting rut twelve years ago when my friend challenged me to do something I was scared to do—go to healing school. At that time, I was more …

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What Does Cancer Look Like Energetically?

Many of my clients have asked me if I can tell if they have a cancerous tumor or if I detect cancer in their bodies. If you learn, like I have, that our bodies are made up of a million moving energetic particles, and these particles move based on vibration and sound, then it becomes clear that cancer has its own vibration.

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Do I Have to Meditate to Connect with my Energy Field?

If you love to meditate, then go for it. I, for one, do not love sitting down to meditate, and yet, I’m an Energy Intuitive.

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