How Travel Reveals Your True Self

I’m currently sitting in an airport marveling at all of the people around me and what travel reveals about them, and of course, reflecting on what it reveals about myself. I get irritated and agitated when I’m super tired or hungry and have to watch what I say or do …

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Woman lying in a field of lavender
How Do I Manifest My Dreams Into Reality?

Manifesting is a great word, don’t you think? But how on earth do you apply it to yourself? Personally, I was in a manifesting rut twelve years ago when my friend challenged me to do something I was scared to do—go to healing school. At that time, I was more …

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Secret Keeping and Lies

We seem to be in the midst of all of these dark secrets coming to light. You might think your secrets won’t see the light of day, but what happens when you go against your own moral code?

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