A Wish for Peace

Having a hard time watching the news? Sleeping? I’m with you. Trevor Noah shared some wisdom in a recent post where he said “society is a contract.” There is a group of people who follow common rules and agree to live together under them. Basically for “black American people they watch time and time again how the contract that they have signed with society is not being honored by the society that forced them to sign it with them.”

And now after the recent killings of black men, and all the others that have been killed before them, we have reached a boiling point. I am saddened by the looting, but not by the protesting.

I am a white woman. I do not know how it feels to be black. What I do know is how to love and show empathy. As a healer, I see this as trauma playing out. You have been traumatized year after year for many generations, and I am sorry.

My heart is filled with sadness for your trauma.

I pray for healing.

Choose love,