1:1 Healing

When someone ends up on my table, I take it as a sign: they dug deep, found their courage, and are ready to heal.

The beautiful part is that miracles happen on my table every single day.

Some big, some subtle.

Sometimes pain in the body disappears.
Sometimes people are finally freed from a lifetime of carrying shame and guilt.
Sometimes it’s a process.
Sometimes it’s instant.

Energy is like that—getting stuck, making us sick—and then with energy work and having someone to guide you through you can create a life better than you could have ever dreamed.

Yes, we all suffer wounds: from words, trauma, or our own negative thoughts. Most of us arrive into adulthood shut down and reacting to life from a defensive place instead of interacting and allowing energy to flow with and through us. We have learned to block it out, or stuff it deep inside to avoid feeling any pain.

But how do we accelerate our healing? How do we let go of the stories we’ve been told about ourselves, and step into who we really are?

This is where I come in.

Think of your energy system as an extension of your physical body. You want to keep it balanced and energy flowing through it instead of stagnating inside.

For each client, I assess the flow up and down energy meridians, as well as the chakra system. Every session, the work builds on itself. Once a stuck pattern has shifted, it usually doesn’t reappear, as the trauma has been released. After one session, most clients feel lighter, free, and not as burdened.


60-minute session: $125