Peg is available for various types of speaking engagements and workshops. From intimate healing circles of 4-8 people, to midsize workshops, or addressing larger audiences, Peg offers a real, authentic, and refreshingly honest take on healing ourselves.

Contact Peg using the form below for any of the following options:

Weekend Healing Circles: Gather your closest friends or those who need healing, and Peg will do 1:1 healings for each participant and then create a healing circle to close. This consists of people sitting together in a talking circle, in prayer, or in ceremony, and holding space for each other’s healing. We will work through issues that come up for each person in their individual healing and create actionable steps toward lasting change. You can come to Peg, or she can come to you.* (Maximum 8 people.)

1-Day Spiritual Alchemy Workshop: Bringing the concepts from her healing space to a larger audience, Peg will take participants through the healing process of Spiritual Alchemy. You will walk away with a clear understanding of what it means to be a curator of your own courage and take a deep dive into identifying what blocks your connection to a deeper self-love.

Speaking about Love and Miracles: Peg has written a book, Tethered: A Healer’s Ultimate Test, about creating sacred space for her husband to heal after he almost died in 2016. After medical personnel brought him back to life through their measures, Peg added energy healing, resulting in a “miracle” recovery.

* travel expenses included in rate