Is it possible to get healed from the comfort of my own home wearing pajamas and eating Bonbons while watching Netflix?

Remote healing is just as effective. I metaphorically have a client on my table, even if they’re across the country.

This is how it works:

Prior to your first session, we set up a Zoom call so I can get a visual of your field and who I am working on.

Then, using a distance healing reiki symbol to open our energetic connection, I connect to your energy field, just like you are on my table. Have you ever heard that saying, we are all connected? Energy is about intention and connection on the divine plan. In other words, with permission, I can work on anyone at any time.

I am holding neutral healer’s aura and sensing/interpreting seven layers of your energy field and chakras. Your chakra system are energy centers that spin and have the job of keeping your energy field moving and cleansing itself.

At the end of our one-hour session, I close our session by sealing in the work and break our connection.


60-minute session: $125