How to Drop In Energetically

Photo Credit to JD Mason

I was on the phone with a client today and she inspired this blog post. The hardest part of being a healer is how to explain this energetic world I live in and sense because it can’t be seen with the naked eye. Here is my attempt:

  1. Every day have your bare feet touch the ground. You have earth energy coming up through your foot chakras. If you need a visual: imagine red hot lava flowing up your legs to your 1st (between your legs) and 2nd (just below your navel) chakras and filling them with earth energy. This is fuel. Try this for a week and see if you can sense being held by Mother Earth.
  2. Laying on of hands. Is there a part of your body that hurts? Maybe a part of your body you don’t like? Or a place that you feel “needs attention.” Place one of both of your hands on this area, if you can’t reach, get creative. Imagine soft pink light filling your hands and oozing through this spot. Stay here for 3-5 minutes. You can do this daily and shift to different parts of your body.
  3. Ask forgiveness or understanding. Hold your 3rd chakra (at your sternum) and think of any friends or family you wish for a deeper connection with. Or there may be something you wish to ask forgiveness for. And/or you need to forgive yourself for some of your behavior. Let this forgiveness and understanding flow between the two of you. Or flow into yourself.
  4. Let your sadness out. Next move to your heart chakra. Is there anything you are sad about? A loved one or a pet who has crossed over? Hold your heart chakra and ask if there is anything that needs to be released or let go of. Imagine a waterfall of white light cleansing you from you head, washing it away and out of your feet. Breath work is extremely helpful for release with long slow inhales and exhales.
  5. Scream, yell, sing, or roar. Our 5th chakra is at our throat. It is all about truth – your truth. If you think of all the injustice in the world we should all be screaming into our pillows every day. Or scream in your car. Or if screaming isn’t your thing, do some big roars, or lion’s breath in yoga. Or sing! Sing something happy.
  6. Drop In. Our 6th and 7th chakras represent our connection to the divine. I see this connection like the ocean current the turtles rode on in finding Nemo. It’s a whoosh or stream of consciousness. Start to ask questions of spirit. Ask for guidance. To “drop in” let this whoosh flow down into your heart chakra, then pull earth energy all the way up. This is dropping in or being in the flow. It is all visual and there are no rules. To “see” or sense spirit, I close my eyes, drop in and let go of the outcome. This is a private connection, this is about dropping into your light.
  7. Connect to your Core Star. Deep within all of us is a bright light that represents our core essence. Instead of looking outwards for answers you have now started to drop in for them. So let yourself go further. What if you are just a being of light? What do you want to bring to the world?
  8. Make Manifest. How we move up and down our energy system is by bringing this core essence into physical being or manifesting. Your deepest dreams or desires- let those come forth now that you are listening to yourself.

Healing takes time. Be present with yourself first, then you can show up for others.

What I know for sure is we all want to be seen, heard, and loved.

Much love,