Why we love PEG!

“I have a special needs son who sees her along with me and several other friends and family members. Peg has opened up parts of my son that I have never seen. Thank you Peg for being you...AMAZING!

Peg is an extraordinary healer. My life has literally transformed in a very positive way from her remarkable work. Whenever I come in to see her I am excited, because I know that real permanent change is going to happen. I trust Peg’s work to such a high degree that I keep a stack of her cards in my office and recommend her often to my clients with physical challenges.”

Cindy Benezra

“There has never been a truer healer than Peg Rodrigues.

Over a year, we have worked through layers of trauma, anxiety, and stubborn energy patterns. She has relieved abdominal pain, reduced inflammation, and sped up the healing. Reiki and energy healing removed the feeling of fogginess and brought me back into my body. Energy healing connects you back to source and the light within. Peg is a beautiful conduit of love
and light.”

Dori Rachel

“When I first came to see Peg, I felt scattered and distracted and unable to make changes in my life.

Through the healing process, I am learning to work through difficult issues in my past and present and find compassion and acceptance for myself and others. I am able to see and hear more clearly, to focus where I choose, and to feel grounded. Thank you Peg!”


“Peg is the Real Deal. Her approach to energy healing is both gentle and profound.

I felt the energy flow early in the first session and found the effects grew quickly over time. Improvement came immediately! I am now able to stand and walk comfortably after many years of strain. Peg is deeply intuitive as a healer, and is able to direct her efforts to the heart of the matter. I have continued with her for several sessions because each one brings more progress. I highly recommend her for healing and personal growth.”


“Peg and I started doing remote sessions, and it was utterly life-changing.

I was experiencing all kinds of physical symptoms that were causing anxiety. I’d been to medical doctors and holistic practitioners, but no one could pinpoint what was going on. Peg and I started doing remote sessions, and it was utterly life-changing. I physically felt my anxiety evaporate, my fast heart rate slow, my energy shift, and my emotions clear. I literally experienced the before and after, even from across the country. One of the most life-changing experiences I’ve ever had. Can’t recommend Peg enough.”

Rea Frey, author of NOT HER DAUGHTER

“Peg’s energy healing works wonders.

I have been told several times: ‘Ever since you saw your energy healer, there is a big difference about you. You are so much happier.’ I struggled so deeply with depression and anxiety that now I am able to have a positive outlook on things and know what I need for my personal growth and sanity. I highly recommend Peg!”


“My hour sessions with Peg are some of my most coveted moments that directly translate into an expanded life and sense of possibility. Peg is an exceptional healer.”

Dana Pellegrini, LMP

“Tremendously talented, and the difference is immediate. Peg got me through some amazing anxiety last year.”

Dr. Jeremy Heisler, Kirkland Life Chiropractic

“Peg offers the perfect balance between holding space for me to discover on my own and challenging me to develop my skills for receiving and listening to guidance.”

Kelly McNelis Senegor, Founder, Women For One

“Peg is an amazing healer! I have seen her for a variety of issues over the years and I always leave my healing sessions feeling like a weight has been lifted off me. She is great at recommending further options to heal specific issues( for example, books to read etc.) or things to work on outside of your session to continue to clear negative energy and experiences from your energy field. If you're emotionally stuck or need to shift your daily patterns energetically, I highly recommend booking a session to see her! So far, I've referred everyone I know!”

Sara Heisler

I loved working with Peg! She is very compassionate, super nice and was not overly “salesy”. She is very easy to talk to and I felt comfortable sharing with her my true feelings and fears. She was very clear and authentic in what she had to offer to me in the energy healing and I gladly dived right in. The energy healing went well and I felt a subtle shift over the next few weeks feeling as though certain blocks were now gone and I was more open to receive love and change. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an energy healing or guidance.

Melissa Lunt