Breakdown of a Remote Healing Session

I’ve gotten so used to what I do for a living, I forgot most people don’t have a clue what Reiki or Earth Energy is. I thought I’d break down a session for you so you understand what I’m seeing, sensing, and why everyone should do energy work as part of their self-care!

First, a little bit about me, I trained for four years at the Northwest School of Healing (now closed) from 2006-2010, learning Core Energetics, Barbara Brennan healing techniques and became a Reiki Master. I opened a private practice in Kirkland, WA from 2010-2018 until I moved to the East Coast. I decided at this time I’d transition to remote work, so now offer Remote Healing Sessions.

A remote healing is one hour in length. We are not on the phone or Zoom. At our appointed time you can be working quietly, meditating, sleeping, reading, doing yoga, etc. as long as it’s not strenuous physical activity. Most clients find they enjoy laying down or sitting quietly and visualize energy coming into their system.

I open our session with a distance reiki symbol connecting to your energy field (aura) and chakra system. I start at your feet and work up your body following an Energy Chelation pattern that covers your physical body and chakra system. I sense energy blocks or stagnant energy and transmute them with light and vibration to open up your system. What you want is your energy field to be like a living, breathing organism where it moves and ebbs and flows with your physical body. When it is locked down or stuck, we usually describe ourselves as feeling “stuck.”

Anything physically you are feeling, there is usually an energy component to it. 1st and 7th chakra have their own loop and connection, 2nd-6th chakras have a front and back and are connected to your vertical power current (VPC). Think of your VPC as a power strip and the chakras like plugs of appliances being plugged into it. As you can see there is a lot of pieces that make up your Human Energy Field and it’s a complex, interwoven system. I move up your body, then typically finish at your head and seal in my work, bless you and send you on with light, then break our connection.

Afterwards, I type up detailed notes for you and email them to you. I have found this helps people in their healing journey to refer back to. We can set up another Zoom call or phone call to go over these notes and answer any questions you may have.

I see anyone and everyone. We all have traumas, dramas, or grief in our lives. We all want to be supported and loved. I see this work as a process, and energy work as vital to shifting and healing.

Many blessings,