What is My Hara Line?

This past weekend, I was reminded about the power of our hara line during a workshop about Core Light Healing, Barbara Brennan’s third book. Hands of Light and Light Emerging were my textbooks in healing school. If you would like to understand more about yourself and your energy field and chakras, reading Barbara’s books are a great place to start.

In Core Light Healing I found Barbara wrote about what I have witnessed, our energy system is in constant flow, it contracts and expands and doesn’t ever reach a place of “perfection.” When I started the healing school, I thought I would come out of it like a shiny new car complete with a ribbon on top. Ha! Boy was I wrong. The more you dive into your wounding and pain, the more complex it gets. Now I say to my clients, “healing is finding a balance day to day.” Life is still happening, we will all go through times where we are tested, and experience grief and loss as we go.

In Core Light Healing, Barbara explains that our Human Energy Consciousness System has four parts:

  1. Physical Body
  2. The Aura
  3. The Hara
  4. The Core Star

We are constantly ebbing and flowing in and out of this system. Our physical body is how the energy makes manifest, our aura is the vehicle of the mind, body connection, and the hara is the anchor but also our intent, and our core star is our divine spark of light or core essence. I think of my core star as a brilliant ball of spiritual light.

So, if our hara line is our intention, what are your thoughts you are thinking every day? Are they negative or positive? If you are constantly having negative intent, what do you think you manifest into your physical body? Step one is to pay attention to your thoughts. Step two is to start connecting to your hara line and getting a sense of how you anchor to the earth’s energy. Our hara line runs through the middle of our body and has our tan tien and soul seat. Our tan tien is located just below our belly button, the soul seat is at our heart.

What is important for you to know if this is new language to you, is you can place your hand on your tan tien and just imagine energy from the core of the earth coming up and anchoring you. Just try it, a simple visualization for 5 minutes a day. I like to think of it like Mother Earth is holding me. Once you connect with your tan tien and your hara line you will feel an internal shift, keep with it until you do.

With love,