TRAVELER AND BOOK LOVER. My personal Healing Journey started when I went to healing school. I was broken down and tired and was longing to feel good.  While I was there, I found that I have a gift. Four years of earth energy healing school transformed my life on a deep, spiritual level. I knew I had to share this deep shift I felt internally with others.

But, before I fell into healing, I earned my first and most important job title: MOM.

I have four beautiful children that have stretched, pushed, and encouraged me to heal myself so I can become the most enlightened mom I know how to be. Like some of you, I didn’t get the memo of just how hard this “mom” job is.

Along the way, I found my own personal power.

And by this, I don’t mean Wonder Woman power. I found my worth, my value, and my connection to deep inner strength. I dug in, cried, laughed, pushed my boundaries, and quite literally met my empowered self.

My one wish is for everyone to heal on this deep level.

Healing is hard, but understanding your darkness and diving into your light is beautiful. And through this journey, you learn the magic when you step up, gather your courage, and start taking small steps towards loving yourself. Pema Chodron said something that I still practice today, “start where you are.” Simple. Start by choosing self-love.

And when I say love, I don’t mean all of us sitting in a circle, chanting. I mean doing the work to love even when it’s not easy. Loving in spite of something. Choosing to see and be the light, even when you don’t want to. As my healing journey has evolved, I have found I am constantly seeking new experiences and people through BOOKS and TRAVEL. Part of healing is expanding outside of yourself.

Be the light. Choose Love. And spread it wherever you go. 

PEG the Healer

( Professional Bio )

Peg Rodrigues is an Energy Intuitive, Reiki Master, Author, wife, and mom to four children. She studied at the Northwest School of Healing in Seattle, WA, which combined the teachings of the Barbara Brennan Healing School and The Institute of Core Energetics.

After four years of training, and experiencing her own deep healing and awakened consciousness Peg decided to share the benefits of energy healing with others and opened her private practice, Soul Window in 2010.

After six years of healing clients physically, emotionally, and spiritually, Peg’s biggest test came in November 2016 when her husband nearly died after three cardiac arrests. Peg had been honing her healing abilities, not realizing that all she had learned on her table would be vital to her husband’s recovery and healing. This is the personal journey that her book, Tethered: A Healer’s Ultimate Test takes readers through. As a result of this life-changing event, Peg and her family moved to the East Coast where she currently offers remote healing sessions to clients all over the world.

In a field that is highly subjective, Peg brings a grounded, conscious, refreshingly honest and authentic approach to healing. Unlike some intuitives, Peg feels that although she might have been born with a “gift,” we all have the ability to heal ourselves and to connect with our own intuitive abilities.

The biggest lesson Peg has learned through her husband’s near-death experience—and the now thousands of healings she has performed—is that energy in its simplest form breaks down to the vibration of fear or love. Holding the vibration of love is what ultimately heals.