Memorial Day

Today stirs up mixed emotions deep within me. The meaning of the holiday “a day of remembering those who died while serving in the military” has become for some a day to have a BBQ. I wrote a blog about collective grieving and know the power of this and what it means to the families who have lost loved ones. I haven’t lost someone personally, but wonder about these brave men and women, who they left behind, what they would have become if they died young, and at the same time question- why do we go to war? I think of the devastation it brings to the land, people and the trauma it leaves in its wake.

From my perspective as an energy healer I see how deeply trauma penetrates our core. Children of war have deep scars that may never heal. They have seen too much at an age where they can’t absorb it. I believe that there is a place deep within all of us that want to belong to something or someone, we want to feel needed and seen and appreciated. It is easy to make someone your leader or guru who convinces you they know more or have more wisdom. Most of us haven’t been taught that our truth lies within us, not somewhere out there. We look outwards instead of looking in. This is how wars start, with someone who has an idea of how the world around them should look, and that idea gaining traction by those wanting to belong to something bigger than themselves. If we believe strongly enough in a cause most of us would fight for what we believe in. But what if we start believing in ourselves?

Start where you are. Connect with intention and/or meditation to who you are within. Ask yourself what would create peace and harmony within you, and then spill out to your immediate circle/family? How can you hold grace and have forgiveness for those that have wronged you? Peace starts within and floods outwards. There is a shift happening now where people are connecting with themselves first, and then sharing their hope for peace and world unity with each other. Let’s keep that going.

And for those who have lost loved ones in the military, I grieve with you today.

Choose love,