Talking to Spirit

I love digging into healing with all of you, especially when it leads to deep conversations that reveal what I can share next in my blog.

Guess what? YOU CAN HAVE A RUNNING CONVERSATION with God, Spirit, the Universe, angels, your guides, or all of the above all day long, whenever you want.

When you start healing energetically, most of us realize we are stuck in our wounds from our childhood or locked into patterns that are so ingrained we don’t even know that they are patterns, we just think it’s who we are. I’m here to tell you at any moment you can shift your narrative.

On a call yesterday, my client realized everything that was put upon him to carry for the family, AND that he could put it down. When we move from children to teenagers to adults, we never get a memo that lets us know we have grown up. When it comes to adulting it’s just assumed that you are going to figure it out, and somehow magically leave all of your baggage behind. Nope, sorry, it takes work and time to pause and stop long enough to realize you are still hurting and need time to heal.

Some of you may have grown up in church, I was raised Catholic and although this helped grow roots and my understanding of a God, I didn’t learn how to have conversations with him. I thought going to church once a week and my daily prayers was it.

What I learned in healing school was that spirit or the Divine is right there in us, around us, and holding us ALL THE TIME. The other piece that has changed me to my core is that I can talk to the Divine 24/7 and not just one sided. I can have a running conversation all day long. This might sound like a bunch of hooey but try it.

I can see you have this image of me talking to an imaginary friend as I walk down the street but here’s the key- this is all internal. I have found that meditating, doing healing work, or being out in nature is when I feel the Divine is easiest to access. Play around with it and find your language for who you are talking to, even ask you angels or guides for their names, they just might respond.

You can also reach out to me and I can guide you!

Many blessings,