Extraordinary Knowing

Something few people know about me is I read multiple books at a time, going from one to the other. I don’t know why. Even though I love it, sometimes one gets set aside for a long time and then it appears back in my life.

This past week when I was Home Editing my closet, I found this beautiful book Extraordinary Knowing by Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, Ph.D. that I started reading a couple years ago. I never question why books fade away and then show up again, I just assume its time to finish it.

Elizabeth’s brilliant book explores intuitive intelligence, how do people like dowsers, psychics and healers “know” things. Two passages stuck out to me:

On page 60 she talks about this knowing:

“I used to play varsity field hockey. In the last few minutes of the one final game, I recalled running through the other team’s entire defensive line as if I were slipping through water, evading each player as though I’d had an advance blueprint of exactly how each one would try and block me. Then I’d shot a goal of wildly improbable position, promptly regained the ball and shot again- and watched the ball through the goal posts a second time, clinching and unbelievable victory ….. as though the game were somehow playing me.”

Have you ever wondered why we love certain sports games? I believe it’s this magic you see at times, because these players are just in it. There are no thoughts happening in the third dimension, it’s as though they are in their own world. There is a collective witnessing to what feels like a miracle.

The other passage on page 138 is from a professional intuitive resonated with me because it explains how I “see” energetically.

“Over time, as you go in and out of seeing the way I see, you get better at it. When I was a child, it was just natural; it just happened. I didn’t work at it. But when you start calling on it in a way that’s more disciplined, it’s different. You have to begin recognizing what helps you get there and you have to deepen that. But while you can at it, you can’t overthink it. Thinking about it gets in the way. It’s a funny balance. I have to let go of thinking while I’m seeing the way I see. Ordinary thinking that is.

So I actually forget the things I see- I mean, I’ll forget in my regular life. In my regular life, I’ll even be friends with people I’ve done sessions for. I’ll be with them and I won’t remember what I’ve seen about them. It’s like it come from somewhere else. But then if we have another session- even ten, fifteen years later- what I saw before comes back vividly. My mind switches back.”

BOOM! Huge AHA moment for me!

That’s how it is when I’m in healing mode! How I get to this place this intuitive describes is what I call healer prep. I put my thinking brain away and turn on the energetic flow, then after a session it takes me a bit to come back from this altered space.

And what this author calls extraordinary knowing, I call divine knowing. Its this whole sensation, body alive, and in energetic flow state where you know things you don’t know how you know.

My wish for all of you, is to find the way YOU experience this knowing. It can show up many places: in meditation, sports, doing what you’re passionate about, or in healing sessions. When you feel it, you will never forget it.

Love and Healing,