What Does Cancer Look Like Energetically?

Many of my clients have asked me if I can tell if they have a cancerous tumor or if I detect cancer in their bodies. If you learn, like I have, that our bodies are made up of a million moving energetic particles, and these particles move based on vibration and sound, then it becomes clear that cancer has its own vibration.

It’s usually low and flat or dull. Sometimes I read through my hands or sense kinesthetically dark energy whose vibration doesn’t match the vibration in other parts of the body. Other times I feel nothing. Cancer can be sneaky and hide deep in the body. Also, I do not diagnose anyone because I am not a doctor.

In my practice, I tend to deal with what comes up in a healing that day and don’t go looking for cancer or anything else in someone’s body. Energy healing isn’t just fixing what is wrong with our bodies, it is finding a place of peace within. That usually means emotional and spiritual healing as well as physical.

I have treated a client with advanced stage breast cancer, and while we never voiced it, we both knew that she was going to die. But she needed me to help her heal her emotional wounds so she could slip away peacefully. Whether I detect cancer or not, the most important thing someone can do for themselves is to practice self-love and find peace within.

Choose Love,

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