Hop Aboard the Struggle Bus

Not sure about the rest of you but there are some weeks I struggle to stay focused and have coherent conversations. The state of the world is rendering me speechless. Then I remember I am a healer and an ordained minister. I should know what to do to help this …

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Photo Credit to JD Mason
How to Drop In Energetically

I was on the phone with a client today and she inspired this blog post. The hardest part of being a healer is how to explain this energetic world I live in and sense because it can’t be seen with the naked eye. Here is my attempt: Every day have …

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Breakdown of a Remote Healing Session

I’ve gotten so used to what I do for a living, I forgot most people don’t have a clue what Reiki or Earth Energy is. I thought I’d break down a session for you so you understand what I’m seeing, sensing, and why everyone should do energy work as part …

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