Celebrate You

Today is my birthday! I am 49 years old today. Wow, how did that happen? Some would say I am almost to the halfway mark of my life. That sounds morbid. I would prefer to celebrate me- today. If you had to celebrate you today what would that look like? Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Who is in my “tribe?” This great word that oozes belonging. I’ve learned it doesn’t have to be a big tribe. My husband and children come first, my birth family (this may not be true for everyone) and the family I’ve created. In a time where we are all “sheltering in our homes” because of Covid 19 this has brought into focus who these people are for me. I’ve learned that the tribe shifts based on where you are in your life, some stick and stay with you forever but some do not. That’s ok. I love people and don’t want to let anyone go but I’ve learned that’s not healthy or good for them. Their tribe is shifting like mine.
  2. Why do I love myself? That dreaded question for some, but allow yourself to make a list. It feels good to acknowledge and say – yes I LOVE ME! One reason I love myself are my warmth and compassion, I genuinely want what is best for humanity. And the kicker is that in my now 49 years, I’ve learned you have to love yourself first, then you can love others, not the other way around.
  3. What makes me filled with joy? I love people, the ocean, sunshine, healing, exercise, reading, hearts and trees. Seems simple doesn’t it? But ask yourself, what makes me joyful? If you don’t know you should figure it out and then set a goal to find joy each day. Some of you might be saying, oh sure – you don’t understand my life, I’m busy, etc, etc. Take one minute of joy if that’s all you can muster, before long that might turn into half a day filled with happiness.
  4. What wisdom can I share with the world? What do I want to leave behind? Ok, maybe the realization that you are halfway through your life does make you think thoughts like this. I wrote my book Tethered: A Healer’s Ultimate Test so I could share some of the things I’ve learned. The biggest one is to come together as a collective and love one another. Like truly, without judgement or fear, just love from your heart space. After what I have witnessed time and again in my healing work, just holding space with an open heart and loving someone can be the catalyst for deep healing.
  5. What’s next? This is an interesting one, I believe of living in the moment and being present but I also know that how we bring ideas to manifest is with specific intention. And I say specific because sometimes what we ask for shows up in a completely different way than what we envisioned. Details are important when talking to Spirit! What I see is a global community working together to protect one another from Covid 19 or other viruses and world peace. This virus is the great equalizer, there is no class system or rhyme or reason to who it infects or who we will lose to this virus.

So, love one another, be kind, and ask how you can help others – what do they need?

And although this is a tough, scary time for all of us, celebrate you and love big!

With joy and celebration,