Just Keep Going

I was struggling to write a blog post this week because as I told my husband, “I’ve lost my Mo in my MoJo.” Meaning I got nothing. Zilch. SICK OF EVERYTHING.

You know what has happened? What naturally happens, we keep going. I think for most of us we are tired of many things: 2020, politics, Covid-19, lack of peace, the hate we see on social media and within some communities, cooking meal after meal, and being at home. Then there are those without meals and/or a home. We seek connection, hugs and people we love. I heard a podcaster say that our world is like a snow globe right now that someone is shaking the shit out of.

So please join me: JUST KEEP GOING. Here are the three things to do that help:

  1. Breathe- This calms down our fried nervous systems and centers us.
  2. Be congruent with your emotions. Cry, laugh, scream, whatever matches what is happening.
  3. Think of one thing to be grateful for daily. Even if it’s that you have a new pair of socks. It can be that small.

And after you breathe, smile.

I’m off to find my Mo!

Hugs and smiles,