Energy Basics

When I first started learning about energy healing in school I felt like I was taking a course in Latin. Chakra what? As I have worked with new clients, I thought a vocabulary list might help. Here are my top eight:

  1. Chakras- These are energy centers that look like ice cream cones that plug into your vertical power current. 1st and 7th chakras connect to one another creating their own loop, 2nd-6th chakras all have a front and back.
  2. Vertical Power Current – this is a beautiful tube of light that follows your spine emanated from source energy above and earth energy below. Your chakras plug into this and are fed by earth and spirit energies.
  3. Energy Field- Imagine a pulsating ever moving egg around you with 7 layers. Your first layer of the field is closest to your body, then it extends outwards.
  4. Astral Plane- Your 4th layer of the field or 4th chakra, this is how you connect to spiritual beings. Sometimes when we dream, we are spending time in the astral plane. For fun look up astral traveling.
  5. Grounded- at the bottom of your feet you have foot chakras. Imagine roots growing out of these and sinking down into the center of the earth. Just like a tree pulling food from the soil to feed it, you pull earth energy up to feed your energy field. When you are grounded you feel held by Mother Earth.
  6. Higher Self, Lower Self, Ego- these three terms flow together because you are probably acting from each of them throughout your day. Lower self usually comes with negative intent towards someone, higher self is taking the high road and ego is in play when you take something personally that isn’t about you.
  7. Soul Seat- This is located in the center of your chest and holds your soul’s longing. What is it that moves you and you have passion for?
  8. Core Star- A bright brilliant light in the center of your being just above your navel and below your sternum. This is your essence, your divine spark.

May each of you know that you were born a brilliant speck of divine source energy. You were born worthy of love.

Sending love to everyone today. The world needs more of it.

Love big,