It’s Time for Radical Self-Care

I was shocked and then proud when my daughter called last week and announced she was on her way home from college. Excuse me, what? For good, for a weekend? This all came out of the blue, but my shock turned to pride when she announced “I no longer felt safe living in my environment with Covid 19 cases on the rise so I left.”

Now, that’s some radical self-care. Instead of staying in it, making it work, getting more anxious by the minute she chose differently. This is when you know all your parenting conversations about making good choices has paid off.

Did she make a popular choice? No. Did she get negative feedback? Yes. But, she knew what was best for her and that was all that mattered.

So, my challenge to you this week is do something hard to take care of yourself. This would include:

  1. Having a hard conversation.
  2. Making an unpopular choice but one that is best for you.
  3. Set clear boundaries if you feel invaded.
  4. Ask for what you need, or as I say speak your truth.
  5. Do one thing that tells your body you love it and are grateful. A bath, a walk, or looking in the mirror and naming three things you love about yourself.

And if you’re new to self-care give yourself permission to do something for yourself that you love like five minutes reading a book and start there.

Here’s to radical self-care!

Much love,