Collective Grieving

After a week of what I call “rough seas” in my own life, I took a moment to myself to drop in and ask what is happening. These are the two words I got out of my meditation. “Collective Grieving.” The world is experiencing massive loss, not just a nation, or a family, but as a world. We are all connected in this pandemic. There is a heavy energetic load surrounding all of us, and you don’t have to label yourself an empath to feel it.

Yes, there are all of these amazing stories of kindness and communities coming together to support one another but we must acknowledge and allow for some grieving along the way. This sank in for me when I talked to my nephew, a high school senior who won’t be experiencing all of these rites of passage – prom, graduation, and all the different parties and celebrations that come with that. He’s having a hard time wrapping his head around it. And again, there will be “virtual” celebrations but he is suffering the loss of a significant life event and for that he deserves to be angry, sad and even to grieve the loss of a proper end to his senior year.

Other losses are more acutely felt, those who have perished as a result of Covid-19. Worldwide, there are a lot of souls who have passed on. One thing I’ve learned through my own losses is that grief takes time. Your system needs the space to feel the loss and process through the feelings that come up. Even our healthcare workers, who may not know these patients personally, are suffering through losing many people in one day. It’s too many people too fast. We can’t even begin to process the loss of all of these people who we have loved, worked with, or even just known as someone who works in the coffee shop. Let’s recognize this and hold each other in grace.

My purpose of writing to you today is to give yourself a moment to feel your own grief, whatever your feeling of loss is about. And if you have lost people you love, I am sorry. If you are currently emotionally steady reach out to those who have experienced a loss, let them know you are holding them in grace and healing. We all need someone to lean on during this time of collective grieving.

Choose love,