I don’t know about you but sometimes when I read a book, I want to learn something new, or have AHA moments that stretch my boundaries or create a new narrative of who I am. Untamed by Glennon Doyle had several AHA moments for me. The basic message for those who haven’t read it is – remember who you really are at your core.

I won’t spoil the book for you but in the opening passage she talks about a cheetah in the zoo who is remembering the wild. There is a stirring in all of us, like that cheetah, to remember who we are at the core, not who we’ve been told to be, or what our environment or circumstances have created us to be.

This message has been ruminating inside of me for a few weeks now. What I’ve noticed is I’ve started questioning what is true. And how can we know it’s true? With Covid-19 you can read ten different stories or more a day. What is the doctor’s reality is so much different from a small business owner’s reality. What is being said on one television station is completely different on another. The NY Times post drastically different than the Washington Post. So what is the truth? Who are we supposed to believe? Questioning is the start of remembering your truth.

Then go a layer deeper, what you believe to be your truth in the present moment, what created that? I remember when I got to healing school, my teacher asked me one question that turned my world upside down: “What if everything you’ve been told about yourself is a lie?” What??!! Why would people lie to me? It never occurred to me that there are people in the world who want to manipulate me and my thoughts about myself, or the decisions I make about what to consume.

What I’ve learned from my self-examination is to gather information, read or watch a lot of different perspectives, and rather than categorize them into good or bad, just take it in and observe yourself. What feels true to you? Have you heard the term – resonate? Somewhere inside, certain things will make sense, and others won’t. This is how you make decisions for you and your family going forward. Don’t be a sheep and follow the herd.

Being “untamed” means you make your own choices from a deep centered place within. You listen for the hum of truth and resonance deep within yourself. Stand up for what you believe in and stay true to who you are. We are in unprecedented times where the decisions you make can have a massive ripple effect on the people and world around you.

Stand in your truth,