Support Those Who Need Extra Courage

I am not sure about you, but I haven’t felt I have been doing enough to help during the Coronavirus. It’s easy to keep thinking something isn’t yours to deal with until it shows up on your front doorstep. I knew to stock up on supplies, freeze some extra meals and stay home. But I’ve watched our health care workers, first responders and government leaders on the front lines and in my mind these people are doing something.

After talking to my neighbor who is a doctor, and seeing comments from nurses online, I realized that there was something I could do, I can dedicate time every day sending prayers and healing to all of these brave people risking their lives every day to save ours. For health care workers, the daily decisions that are having to be made about how to keep yourself safe, and in return how to keep your family members and children safe is enough to fill me with immense gratitude and awe at your bravery.

I realized during my husband’s health crisis four years ago that focused intention and prayer made a huge difference in my husband’s recovery. That’s when I thought, I should spend time daily sending positive energy to those in need.  I’m hoping you will join me, even if it’s for just ten minutes a day. Here is how I energetically send focused intention for those that might want guidance:

  1. Find a quiet time, or a quiet space. Mine is first thing in the morning before the children are awake.
  2. I “drop in.” Meaning I close my eyes and imagine my third eye (6th chakra between your real eyes) filled with light.
  3. Using breath or visualization I imagine this light sinking down into my heart chakra.
  4. I like to put my hand on my heart and then visualize who I want to send light to. (this can be very specific, or just to a group of people- your choice)
  5. I then imagine the divine plan which to me looks like a blue ocean filled with gridlines connecting all of us.
  6. Using my thoughts, I send prayers or good intentions to those I want to reach over these gridlines which I see as white threads.
  7. Spend as much time as you have or what you are called to spend.
  8. I like to close with a blessing by clasping my hands together, and bowing in gratitude for sharing themselves with the world.

This is a sacred time in our global history, we are learning we are all in this together and need one another to muster up the courage to do what it takes to find our way through this current crisis.

Sending light and healing,