Why Does Self-Love Matter?

Chalk heart on a wooden board

Self-love is the start of most healing journeys. That moment when something shifts inside of you and you yearn for a different result than the one you’ve been getting. You can love other people in hopes that they will love you back, or you can turn that love around and aim it at yourself.

It sounds like the complete opposite should be true: Won’t I be called selfish if I’m in love with myself? The amazing answer is: NO! I learned through my own experience after I started to love and put myself first. I actually had MORE love to give to those around me. I was stunned when loving myself led to deeper, richer relationships with most of the people in my life. It was as though by caring for myself, they learned to respect me more.
So, how do you start your own self-love revolution?

1. Ask yourself what you have a clear yes for that creates clear nos and in return, boundaries.
2. Ask for help. (A friend to remind you to love yourself. A healer or therapist to work through emotional pain.)
3. Treat yourself like you matter. Eat well, exercise, do things you like to do that are positive.

I hope you will take small steps if you haven’t already!

Choose Love,

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