How to Show Up For Your Kids

Mother and child walking at sunset

I am a mom to four children and have been at this job for 21 years! Not sure how that happened. I have felt that mind-numbing exhaustion of nursing, raising toddlers, and answering the neverending question: What’s for dinner?

Besides basic survival, our children need us to show up. What does that mean? Be spiritually and emotionally connected. Pay attention to their lives, specifically three things:

1. Who are their friends? (specifically, how do they behave?)
2. What is your child’s emotional state? (happy, sad, tumultuous, etc.)
3. Do you have a daily conversation to check in?

You can answer 1 and 2 by taking a moment with them to ask daily questions. Perhaps even take a walk or some alone time driving in the car. Start with at least five minutes. Ask questions, tell them what makes you proud of them, get to know their fears and victories.
Your children are our future. It matters. Show up.

Choose Love,

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